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This page is for the extreme honey enthusiast looking to liberate perfectly good and edible honey from an otherwise sad existence on a dark shelf collecting dust due to being 'unsaleable'.  All our 'unsaleables' are in SEALED/UNOPENED condition unless specified.  Due to the deep discount offered, these items are available for local pick-up at our Otsego, MI farm only. 

Some examples of what you may find on this page from time to time:

  • Partially or fully crystalized honey

  • Stickers/label is damaged or outdated

  • Baker's grade honey (generally darker due to age or nectar source)

  • Discontinued items

  • Previous year's honey

  • Used boxes, frames, hive equipment, etc.

List updated 2/11/22

  • 2020 MI comb honey half cuts, various weight. PARTIAL CRYSTAL. 5 available. $3

  • 2020 FL Orange blossom 2oz plastic bear. PARTIAL CRYSTALIZED. 1 available. $.50

  • 2020 FL OB Chunk comb/honey 12oz hex glass jar.  CRYSTALIZED. 4 available $5

  • 2020 FL Orange blossom glass quart jar. CRYSTALIZED. 1 available. $10

  • 2020 FL Orange blossom 20.4oz glass jar. CRYSTALIZED. 1 available. $6

  • 2020 FL Orange blossom Gallon Jug. LIQUID/OLD CROP. 1 available $40

  • 2020 FL Orange blossom glass Quart jar. LIQUID/OLD CROP. 2 available $12

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