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My favorite honey recipe? Ummmm...

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Aside from "which honey do you like best" or "how are the bees doing" or "what's up, honey", the most common question at farmer's market is

How do YOU use honey? Do you have a favorite recipe?

Cue blank stare. As someone selling honey - let alone being married to the beekeeper - telling someone you "don't really eat honey that often" isn't an option. In contrast, Jon uses it like ketchup on any fruit, cereal or baked good he can find.

When I first got the question, I was unprepared. I conjured Jon's likely response and said “PANCAKE TOPPING!!” with the ferocity of someone having just been tasered…awkwardly ending the conversation.

I've since offered more thoughtful and prepared replies but they're never from MY honest perspective.

However, now that we are wrapping up our Orange blossom season in the Sunshine State, it has dawned on me that my most treasured recipe has not only been in front of my nose (literally, it’s 3 inches from my left hand as I type this) but it originated right here, in sunny Fort Green, FL.

It’s Honey Sweet Tea, baby!

Now lots of Yankees have never experienced authentic, home-made Southern sweet tea, but I’ll tell you it’s pretty refreshing on a hot day.

Most folks make it with granulated sugar but no self-respecting beekeeper sweetens their tea with table sugar!!!

Thus, we used Orange Blossom honey instead, which delivers a flowery sweet, citrus kick going down.

So there you have it. MY honest-to-goodness favorite honey recipe.





  • 2 Quarts Water

  • 8-10oz Raw Orange Blossom Honey (to taste)

  • 5 black tea bags (Luzianne or Lipton are common)


  1. Heat water in stock pot on stove to almost boiling.

  2. Remove from heat.

  3. Pour honey in and stir until the honey is fully dissolved into the water.

  4. Drop the tea bags in and steep uncovered for 1-2 hours.

  5. Pour into jug or container and refrigerate. For immediate refreshment, pour over ice.

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