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100% Pure Beeswax, Filtered, 1oz bar

100% Pure Beeswax, Filtered, 1oz bar


Ideal size for small-batch skincare recipes, artists, quilters, carpenters, etc. Also a useful addition to your toolbox or junk drawer. Each bar is hand-poured through a straining cloth and has a “BEESWAX” imprint.


Household Hint: Beeswax is extremely versatile and has many applications, especially within your house. The next time you have a sticky zipper or a slider door or window that won’t open without some elbow grease, try rubbing this beeswax bar across the “trouble spot” and see what a difference it makes. 


Our beeswax is rendered from the wax cappings on honey frames that are removed during the honey extraction process.  This wax is considered to be the freshest, cleanest source of beeswax, which is typically evidenced by a bright yellow color, derived naturally from the honey.  We do not bleach or modify the beeswax in any way.

Approximately 2.9" L x .75" H x .75" W

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