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100% Pure Raw Filtered Beeswax/by the Pound

100% Pure Raw Filtered Beeswax/by the Pound


Due to popular demand, we are now offering a bulk option for our filtered beeswax!  We do all the filtering so you can get down to business with your, well, BUSINESS!!  


PRICE IS PER POUND for filtered beeswax. An order quantity of 1 is considered 1 pound, 2=2lbs, etc. Each filtered beeswax block is generally between  6-10lbs.  Depending on the total pounds ordered, you may receive full blocks or partial chunks, both are shown in the picture for reference.


Our beeswax is rendered from the wax cappings on honey frames that are removed during the honey extraction process.  This wax is considered to be the freshest, cleanest source of beeswax, which is typically evidenced by a bright yellow color, derived naturally from the honey.  We do not bleach or modify the beeswax in any way.

Approximately 9" L x 5" H x 7" W

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