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PER POUND 100% Pure Beeswax, Unfiltered, Bulk

PER POUND 100% Pure Beeswax, Unfiltered, Bulk

PRICE IS PER POUND for unfiltered beeswax.  An order quantity of 1 is considered 1 pound, 2=2lbs, etc. We are happy to offer bulk beeswax to our industrial (and industrious) customers!  This is a more economic option for those using beeswax in large quantities, and/or who are familiar with the filtration process. Our beeswax is rendered from the wax cappings on honey frames that are removed during the honey extraction process.  This wax is considered to be the freshest, cleanest source of beeswax, which is typically evidenced by a bright yellow color, derived naturally from the honey.  We do not bleach or modify the beeswax in any way. THE PRODUCT PICTURED IS MEANT TO BE A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF WHAT THE BEESWAX LOOKS LIKE. Depending on the number of pounds you order, you may receive chunks broken off a larger block, or a full block which can vary in shape, size and weight.  If you order LESS THAN 15lbs of wax, you will more than likely receive pieces of wax that were broken from a larger block.  Most full blocks range in weight between 12-18lbs.  To receive a full block you would need to order a quantity of 12 or more. Price breaks are available to customers ordering wax in excess of 50 pounds at a time.  Please contact us via email at for more information.

This product is sold by weight so dimensions will vary based on amount purchased.  

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