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12oz Glass OB, RAW Florida Orange Blossom Honey

12oz Glass OB, RAW Florida Orange Blossom Honey


Net wt. 12oz, half-pint.  Raw orange blossom honey.  Glass jar with plastic screw cap and safety seal.  This is a half-pint of honey.  It has a wide mouth for ease of pouring and spoon access.  A good size for the family or honey enthusiast. 

This premium honey is typically lighter in color, with the mild, yet distinct floral and citrus flavor that only comes from an orange blossom. We harvest this honey in Fort Greene, FL, a small farming community about an hour east of the Bradington/Sarasota area. Our “OB” stands very well on its own as a topping for your favorite bread or cereal, as well as in marinades, sauces, and bread recipes. The unique citrus undertones in this honey have also made it an increasingly popular ingredient choice with home brewers. Our honey is RAW, which means the pollen and other beneficial elements are left in it, and only the larger, visible particles are strained out.

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