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5 Gallon/60lb Pail Wildflower Honey

5 Gallon/60lb Pail Wildflower Honey


Net weight 60lb/5 gallons.  Gross shipping weight 64lbs.  Pail is HIGH QUALITY, FOOD-SAFE, premium heavy weight, HDPE plastic. Note:  Main product picture shows a yellow FLEX SEAL lid.  This style of lid is for LOCAL PICK-UP only.  


We care about the quality of our product, especially in transit!  Our SHIPPING lids are premium, 2-piece Gamma-Seal lids which provide an airtight and leak-proof seal.  This pail and lid combo has many reusable applications and will be of use to you long after the honey is gone!


This bulk honey option provides an incredible value at roughly $3.58/lb. An excellent choice for bakers, small batch brewers, wholesalers or folks who just REALLY love honey!

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This tasty honey has a pleasant flavor and sweetness that is sure to please. We are based in West Michigan, so this honey is highly sought after by our “locals” who suffer from seasonal allergies, as they say it really does help to reduce their allergy symptoms. This is because our honey is RAW, which means the pollen and other beneficial elements are left in it, and only the larger, visible particles are strained out. 

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