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Votive Candle - Vintage Skep Beehive

Votive Candle - Vintage Skep Beehive


100% Beeswax votive candle.  Quantity discounts apply.  Net wt. 1.7oz  each.  Burn time approximately 8 hours.


These adorable, vintage bee-hive shaped candles add decorative interest and make great gifts!  We hand-pour them using only the beeswax from our hives - no additives, no colors, no fragrance - just the natural color and sweet fragrance that beeswax takes on as a byproduct of honey storage in the hive.  Our wicks are 100% cotton and made in the USA.


Free of additives, color or fragrance. 


Our 3 favorite things about beeswax candles:

  • LONGER burn time compared to other waxes
  • CLEANER burning - no soot or residue!
  • THAT AROMA! That beeswax just smells SO GOOD!

2" H.  Conical in shape.

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