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April 2021 Orange Blossom

The 2021 orange blossom season was short and sweet and the resulting honey is just BEAUTIFUL! We havn't seen color like this since the 2017 crop. Environmental factors were definitely at play - we had mild temperatures, good rain and no extreme weather. When the orange blossoms began to open, the temps remained steadily warm and we saw a consistent bloom pattern across all the groves near our bee hives. The bloom was uninterrupted by extreme weather - no high winds blowing them off the trees. Although the season was short, there was a large amount of nectar available and the bees put on honey quickly. We harvested before the bees got a chance to 'dilute' the OB with other darker nectar sources such as sunflower, willow or oak. It is noticeably more aromatic than in recent years and the flavor is a delicate mix of citrus and jasmine notes.

    Color Estimate: Water White/White, approx. 7-15mm
    Flavor: Floral notes of jasmine, neroli and fresh citrus undertone. Lightly sweet with no bitter undertones.
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